Accursed Share
Incubating cutting edge crypto art.

The Roadmap Cometh

While we complete the necessary research for our longer term roadmap, we wanted to share an overview with our community that describes where we’re all headed as Accursed Shareholders.

Web2 vs Web3

The onset of the web2 era of user-generated content brought forth a revolution in creativity and opened up enormous opportunities for…

Curse is Now a Double Debut for Accursed Share and Chainlink Keepers.

Together with The DeFi Network, we are delighted to announce our integration with Chainlink, the industry-leading decentralized oracle network, to support our exploration and development of increasingly sophisticated use cases.

Our first joint implementation will involve the use of Chainlink Keepers and Chainlink Price Feed within the scope of the…


It’s possible. It’s also probable you do not know whom it belongs to.

That face is, or was, Krystall Schott’s. She is 5’11’ and 25 years old. An artist and musician from Agoura Hills, Los Angeles, she likes to ride horses and has a pet gecko, Shania, and a (female)…

Accursed Share

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