Jefferson Hack Becomes The First Member of Accursed Share’s Advisory Board

Accursed Share
2 min readJul 2, 2021


­We are pleased to announce that Mr Jefferson Hack will be joining the Board of Advisors of Accursed Share.

Mr Hack is the CEO and co-founder of Dazed Media, an independent media company renowned for producing award-winning print, digital and video stories in the luxury and lifestyle sector, with a global audience of 110 million people. Spanning three culture-defining decades, his portfolio includes some of the world’s most influential media brands, such as AnOther, Another Man, Dazed, Dazed Beauty and the global video channel NOWNESS, where the promotional film for Curse, Accursed Share’s debut piece, will premiere.

“Words fail to express what it means to have Jefferson Hack part of Accursed Share both professionally and personally.

For the last thirty years Jefferson and the magazine he founded Dazed and Confused have been right at the bleeding edge of popular culture setting the agenda, resetting it, and setting it again endlessly like few have or ever will, let alone for three decades and counting. The artists and creative talents discovered, socialized, and put on by Jefferson is near endless — he’s a living legend.”
–Charles Curran, Co-Founder of Accursed Share.

Accursed Share is the first artist-led outfit for conceptual experimentation in the realm of cryptoart. It centers individual projects by established and emergent artists who are interested in taking the possibilities provided by NFT smart contracts to their outer limits.

Accursed Share’s first project, Curse, presents collectors with a real-life algorithmic hex that can only be lifted through smart contract technology.

Mr Hack’s endorsement of Accursed Share is an affirmation of its vision and a bridge between the avant-gardes of two centuries. It fortifies Accursed Share’s experimental impetus by bringing a wealth of experience and influence to the table.

We are honoured and delighted to have Mr Hack on our Advisory Board, to help ensure Accursed Share is steered in the most provocative and culturally resonant directions.