Accursed Share
2 min readAug 26, 2021


As a gift to the NFT community, Accursed Share will be allocating funds from the ongoing #CurseNFT ticket sale to build a streamlined and accessible web3 application.

This platform will be optimized to enable artists to mint dynamic NFTs similar in function to our flagship #Curse NFT, using Chainlink’s Keepers technology. This will be the first time any artist is readily able to create a unique, dynamic NFT that is truly decentralized without needing a developer.

The platform’s long term objective is to provide powerful and open tools that can bridge the gap between artists and developers, to jumpstart a new era of accessible NFT innovation. As we launch more unique NFT projects, we will integrate that additional functionality into the platform itself.

Accursed Share ticket holders will be able to burn their tickets in exchange for early access to this platform, so the tickets will act not only as a form of patronage, but as a kind of “gas” for the platform beta. This means ticket holders will be among the first in the world to create NFTs with this groundbreaking technology, unfurling a new canvas for artistic expression and narratives.

We are currently onboarding a number of world-class developers to ensure we build a tool that is foundational to the next phase in cryptoart exploration.

Accursed Share will be doing an AMA with the Chainlink development team behind the Keeper technology that makes #CurseNFT responsive to the changing price of ETH on Wednesday, Sept 1, at 1:00 pm EST.