True NFT Innovation With Chainlink

Together with The DeFi Network, we are delighted to announce our integration with Chainlink, the industry-leading decentralized oracle network, to support our exploration and development of increasingly sophisticated use cases.

Our first joint implementation will involve the use of Chainlink Keepers and Chainlink Price Feed within the scope of the Curse project, a dynamic NFT representing a 3D-rendered image of our cursed model Krystall Schott — the #1 search result for ‘face’ on Google — that changes with the price of Ethereum.

What is a Keeper?

Smart contracts are tamper-proof programs that execute deterministically on a blockchain. For Curse to change autonomously, external entities called ‘keepers’ are needed in order to trigger their underlying smart contracts when it’s time to update, based on the desired parameters.

In the case of Curse, that means Chainlink Keepers will monitor the price of Ethereum off-chain, and let Curse ‘know’ if the price of Ethereum has gone up or down. When it increases one and five days in a row, the NFT will display a ‘positive’ 3D rendering of Krystall’s picture. In the same spirit, when the price of Ethereum decreases one and two days in a row, the NFT will display a ‘negative’ aspect. Notably, once the price of Ethereum hits $20,000, the NFT will reveal its final, ‘blessed’ form.

Through its use of Chainlink Keepers, Curse will surely — and securely — find its place among the most technically advanced and conceptually unique pieces of cryptoart of its moment.

For more on Curse, please click here.




Incubating cutting edge crypto art.

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Accursed Share

Accursed Share

Incubating cutting edge crypto art.

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